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DEVEDRY - MED Inj. 100 ml أرابكوميد ديفيدري ميد حقن
Item # 471
أرابكوميد ديفيدري ميد حقن:
- فيتامين أ + د3 + هـ .
Each ml contains:
Vitamin A       80000   I.U
Vitamin D3     40000   I.U
Vitamin E              20   mg
*Prescribed to be used as additional  source for the
supplement of  vitamins A,D3 and E in cattle,equines
, ovine, dogs and cats in order to cover deficiencies
of this vitamins in the prescence  of the clinical
*Vitamin A :is aprotective substance for the whole
ectoderm and it is also important for the genesis,
regeneration and protection of mucous membranes
Vitamin A has aspecial function in vision process
(producing  rhodopsine photo  receiver -visual
purples) it contributes  to the functional capacity
of cellular membrane and  different  enzymes
*Vitamin D3: Regulates the metabolism of the calcium and phosphorous specifically favoring their absorption in the intestines, it regulates the renal
elimination of these elements and controls  the assimilation of calcium and phosphorous  to the skeleton, it is useful when calcium-phosphorous ratio in feed isn’t satisfactory.
*Vitamin E: Is necessary for cell metabolism (cellular breathing  ,  meta bolizing of nucleic acid  ), as antioxidant, reducing the self -oxidation of non-saturated fatty acids and vitamin A, it regulates the metabolism of  carbohydrates and  creatine, muscular metabolism and quantity  of glycogen, it regulates   the  development and function of germinative glands.
* Treatment and prevention of the deficiencies of the
vitamins A,D3 and E.
*Growth disturbance.
*Non infectious reproductive and sight disturbances
*Skin problems.
Dose and administration:
*For I/M administration :
*Cow and Horses: 10 ml / animal
*Calf and Foals: 5 ml / animal
*Goats and Sheep: 4 ml / animal.
*Dogs: 1 - 3 ml / animal.
*Cats: 1 - 2 ml / animal.
These doses can be repeated between 2-3 months
according to need or professional  criteria.
Precautions and Warnings:
*Inject the product with a sterile needle and syringe
by I.M injection
*Keep out of reach of children.
*Over dose may cause hypercalcaemia in young
Storage conditions:
*At temperature not exceeding 30°C and Keep out
reach of children.
100 ml
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