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HIPRAVIAR S Vaccine 2500 Dose  هيبرافيار لاسوتا تحصين
Item # 431
تحصين نيوكاسيل لاسوتا .
Live vaccine against Newcastle disease, La Sota strain

Live Newcastle virus La Sota strain: 106.5 - 108.5 EID50
This vaccine is made with the lentogenic La Sota strain of Newcastle disease, grown in embryonated eggs from SPF hens.

To prevent Newcastle disease.

Ocular-nasal, oral or spray.
Ocular-nasal: Once the freeze-dried tablet is dissolved in the solvent included, administer one drop of the vaccine (0.03 ml) per bird, in the eye or nare, using a standard dropper (30 ml per 1,000 doses).
Oral: Dissolve the freeze-dried tablet by lling the vial in which it is contained to half volume with fresh tap water, shake and pour it into an adequate container up to a volume of drinking water that can be ingested within ½ or 1 hour at most, keeping in mind that: 
Age of the bird Approx. amount of water for 1,000 birds
1 to 3 weeks 5-10 litres
4 to 9 weeks 12-23 litres
10 to 16 weeks 27-37 litres
Validate the apparatus to be used to check the necessary amount of water. To do this, ll the apparatus with fresh tap water and spray the surface which birds occupy, in a manner so that the heads of all the birds are covered with droplets of water. Check the quantity of water used, and this will be the amount that will have to be used to mix with the necessary doses, depending on the number of birds to be vaccinated.

Poultry: 1 dose/bird, regardless of their age.
- The veterinary surgeon will establish the most suitable vaccination programme according to the health conditions of each farm and area.
- Birds can be vaccinated 1 day after hatching, if they are placed into an endemic area of Newcastle disease.
- If the number of birds does not coincide with the number of doses of available vials, an overdose should be administered, never administer less than the recommended dosage.

0 days.

- To assure that vaccine water is ingested within a ½ or 1 hour at most, it is advisable not to administer water to animals for one hour before vaccination in the summer and for 2 hours in winter.
- When administering the vaccine by spray, it is advisable to use coarse spray (larger than 50 microns) for rst vaccinations. For revaccinations, ner droplets can be applied (smaller than 50 microns).

- Shake gently until complete resuspension of the freeze-dried tablet before administration.
- In case of administration by oral route, do not use water with chlorine or disinfectants.
- Spray administration requires the use of protective mask and glasses.
- Store at +2 to +8 ºC, protected from light.
- Once used, sterilize the vial and its content by heat.

Pack of 10 vials of 1,000 ds.
Pack of 10 vials of 2,500 ds.
G.O.V.S. Reg. nº 247/2014 in Egypt
Under veterinary prescription


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